Manage & Organise
your finance

  • Intuitive and Easy to Use Interface
  • Complex concepts explained using easy to understand graphics

Import portfolios the
easiest way now

  • Create Portfolios in the easiest way. Input directly, import easily or upload directly from your broker.

Analyse & Compare your portfolio
like never before

  • Analysis that Goes-Beyond your Excel Spreadsheet.
  • High Quality Data from Refinitive
  • Quantitative techniques for analysis done for you by our App

Understand your Risks,
Stress Test Your Portfolios

  • Is Your Portfolio a Long Term Winner?
    You need to evaluate your portfolio to answer this essential question.
  • Stress Test your Portfolio Using Qfinr
    Understand your portfolio, avoid surprises!

Discover new
opportunities & insights

  • New Investments Made Easy by using the Discover Module.
  • Qfinr’s Screening Tool is a Powerhouse!
    Search and screen for the best performing Stocks, Mutual
    Funds, ETFs!

Plan your future and
retirement goals

Plan Future

An Investment Analytics Platform

For the Investor

  • QFinr is your own personal “Investment Analyst”
  • QFinr lets you organise, plan and evaluate your investments, all on your own
  • QFinr has developed a set of mathematical tools with a simple, easy to use interface. The output is displayed using intuitive, easy to understand graphics.

For the Wealth Manager

  • QFinr is designed to make the Relationship Manager look good in front of clients.
  • Using QFinr’s tools will enhance the RM’s engagement with clients
  • QFinr is designed to automate the time consuming regulatory and other mundane tasks so that the RM can focus on the client’s true requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

All the questions you have regarding Qfinr– the why, the what, the how answered in our detailed FAQ. The FAQ is comprehensive enough to answer all your possible queries.



Click here for longer pieces describing the best ways of using Qfinr as your investing companion. How to get started and more advanced techniques to utilize the full power of the Qfinr analytics and much more.


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